Our leadership is unparalleled in the industry and has proven time and again to be the best suited to run our company. The success of our company is a direct result of the vision and expertise of our leaders. Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, a pioneer of the pesticide industry in India, is nurturing this company since 1988 with his experience and make strategic decisions that keep us ahead of the competition. 

Our leadership team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, bringing a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to the table.  

Mr. Sumit Gupta, Director, a MBA in Strategic Marketing from UK, well understands the current needs of the agri-market and effectively strategize to deliver the solutions at best quality and competitive pricing. Mr. Amit Gupta, Director, a CPA from Australia, ensures financial stability to all the stakeholders starting from employees to customers to shareholders. Mr. Deepak Gupta, Director, a Double MBA in Marketing & Operation from ESCP Paris & MDI Gurgaon, has an eye collaborative, coordinated and controlled functioning of all the respective departments mainly Production, SCM, HR, Legal & IT. Mr. Vivek Mittal, Director, MBA in Agribusiness from GBPUA & T Pantnagar having more than 15 years of experience in Agri-input marketing. His expertise in branding and marketing of new products is crucial in today’s ever-changing business environment. As company is providing new solutions to farmers, Mr. Mittal can help drive growth in the agribusiness industry while supporting the interests of farmers across the country.

With this wealth of knowledge our company can draw upon & achieve its strategic objectives by evaluating new product ideas or expanding into new markets. The amount of combined experience helps us in making informed decisions that are in line with the company’s goals and objectives.

They all are highly skilled communicators, who are able to articulate their vision and goals clearly and effectively to all stakeholders, from employees to shareholders.

In addition to their strategic and communication skills, our leaders prioritize employee well-being and foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity. They are dedicated to providing opportunities for growth and development for all employees and empowering them to take ownership of their work.

Finally, our leaders are deeply committed to social responsibility and giving back to the community. They recognize the importance of being good corporate citizens and have implemented initiatives that align with our values and positively impact the world around us.

In conclusion, our leadership is the best in the industry due to their strategic vision, communication skills, dedication to employee well-being, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and social responsibility. Their leadership has propelled us to new heights and will continue to guide us towards a bright and successful future