We are glad to give you an insight of the values TCL has for its human Resources. At TCL, we believe in the development of the total personality of an individual. To fulfil your own mission in life, your active partnership and devotion with the company is essential. Skill achievement and self-improvement initiatives within the company will help you to achieve success at every step.

We consider our employees the assets, who give the company their skills, experience, energy and time to be the greatest contributors to the growth of the company.

  1. Business Development Manager (Exports): M.B.A. in International Marketing with min. 10 years Experience in pesticide field. Computer literacy is essential.

  2. Quality Control Manager: M.S.C. in Chemistry / B.Tech Chemical Engineering, Min 5-7 years experience in pesticides manufacturing unit.

  3. Accountant: B.Com, 3-5 years experiences in Accounts in manufacturing industry. Computer is literacy is essential.

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